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Frederik is born 1982 he is a Rapper, DJ and owns a Pub, Gallery and Club in Dortmund, Germany.

It’s about Subculture, not Money

When Frederik and his friends came together to plan a little festival he didn’t expect that an actual small club would eventually be the result. Tonbande Festival was an one-time happening, bringing together graffiti-artists, urban gardeners, poets, musicians and fans of urban culture on a sun filled Saturday in the North of Dortmund. He and his homies pro- moted only one or two more events before they stumbled across this vacant venue. A few more friends joined to register a society that would work on this project and on how to run the future club: Tonbande e.V. was born. With much effort they managed to renovate within 4–5 weeks and Rekorder opened for the first time. A bar on the ground level and a dancefloor with a stage in the basement. Frederik knows by experience how a live club should be set up. He is an MC, rhyming and touring under his moniker Schlakks with a DJ and a drummer. The society consists of mu- sicians like him as well as artists, writers and people that simply joined to support because they liked the idea and the values behind it. It was important for the group to work with an open concept and to be able to try things out. There is not a single night in the event calendar where earning money is the sole purpose. Frederik is motivated by passion.

His artist booking aims to introduce guests to leftfield and non-mainstream artists he personally endorses. Having Rapper Damion Davis from Berlin booked plus a line-up full of local MCs was one of the nights he remem- bers being special. And while some in the society take care of a good HipHop booking, others are doing the same for Jazz, Punk, In- dependent or Garage Rock. And the demand is high on the side of bands as well as on the side of the fans. International artists play here regularly during their European tours and if their only stop in Germany is at Rekorder, fans even come from Bavaria. In addition to the concerts there are regular parties. The only thing missing in the club, Frederik ad- mits, is a proper backstage, as there is actually no room left to use. Luckily the next-door bar Subrosa helps out with their artist apartment. Since this year Rekorder has opened another place under the simple name Rekorder II. It is 300 meters around the block and is meant to be an open space for all kinds of artists and writers to rent if they need a room to work in for a limited period of time.

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