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Kai is born in 1987 he is a illustrator and has a own Party named LOL that takes place every Wednesday in Essen, Germany.

No half-ass shit, just to keep the machine running

Goethebunker was already established when Kai moved in with his party Flatfield. Casio, formerly running the Goethebunker, needed an event for vacant slots every two months, when a friend suggested Kai to fill the void. Kai liked the image of the club, so he moved from now defunct Goldclub to his new home. The idea of Flatfield was to create a party for independent rock music, with old punk rock, wave and goth music tangled in. There were already parties like that, but intended to target the real scene of patchouli rocking Goths. Kai wanted to have the musical atti- tude and vibe, but in an ordinary setting for people with a broad interest for music that would go out rocking all types of fashion. In 2012 he started inviting bands he enjoyed to each date. In the same year he started his biweekly party series LOL, but we will get into that in a little bit. After five years Kai quit doing Flatfield on a regular basis, realizing that he started to book bands that were more of a compromise to keep the events running instead of hitting his own nerve. Flatfield became a concept he organizes every now and then in order to book a band that he is really into and that is already touring nearby. LOL is of a different nature. Kai and Goethebun- ker’s technician Conny were chilling in a park when Conny shared the idea of promoting a 120-minutes-dance-event and Kai shared his idea of a party where he would just dj along the whole spectrum of his musical taste. LOL was born with an easy concept: on every second Tuesday get-in starts at 9pm with no music at all until 10pm when a countdown starts from 120 minutes to zero and at midnight music gets turned off and the club shuts down. Partygoers can choose their favorite schnapps 24 hours before the event, which will be served for free between 9 to 10pm while stocks last. Not the free schnapps but the possibility to dance du- ring the week made LOL a success. The idea was so good in execution that a lot of things follo- wed. Touring with LOL, getting booked by other clubs and a lot of copycats. Besides regular LOLs and specials with a more extravagant booking, Kai is also pursuing a musical career with his band Chai Khat. Chai Khat can be described as an Indie Pop band who has a Wave touch, sympathy for the 80s and love for synth-driven melodies. They are in preparation to release their debut album and are already working on a batch of new songs.

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